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6 Things I Notice In My Role Models

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

These are a few things that I have noticed in my role models, and what makes me look up to them in both my faith and personal life.

1- They have a devoted prayer life.

The role models I look up to have a great prayer routine. I have always struggled with finding consistency in my prayer life.

2- They use the sacraments often.

The Eucharist and Confession in particular. The sacraments fuel the prayer life that my role models share. I am often blown away at how much they go to mass and confession. They use these gifts that God had given us to fuel their love for him, a lesson I am still trying to learn myself.

3 - They have faith in Gods plan.

Faith in Gods plan for your life is a scary thing to learn. It is something that I have been tested in often through 2020. I can say that it's getting easier to trust in God the older I get, as I see him take care of me over and over again. My role models all approach life with absolute trust in His plan.

4- They overall are joyful people.

A perfect example of how your relationship with Jesus will directly translate into your everyday life. The people I look up to are some of the happiest people I know. They have great attitudes towards life. No doubt fueled by points 1 and 2 above.

5- They serve others.

They give of themselves. Some are nurses, some are youth ministers, some are just really good at being moms and dads. Living your life for others, serving your family, friends and strangers, is something we are called to do by God.

6- They are successful at what they do.

Another thing all the people I look up to have in common - they are good at their profession. You see, I have this theory, that when you let God lead you, he will put you in the exact location you are meant to be, the spot that he has carved out for you and your specific gifts.

In closing - these 6 things build off of each other. When we have a good prayer life, it makes us want to go be closer to Jesus through the sacraments. When we are close to Jesus, it makes us have faith in his plan. When we have faith in Gods plan, it makes us happy. When we are happy, we want to give our happiness in service of others. Finally when we serve others, we find our path, and when we live in the path that God gave us, we will become great.

- Joe Schaad

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