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We Need Stories, Now More Than Ever

We live in a pretty dark world right now. Disease, strife, violence, suffering, and attacks on truth lie around every corner. It is pretty overwhelming to see and hear about all of this. It does not make it easier that we have access to all of this with the touch of a phone screen. Technology has brought us instant access to insane quantities of information. However, this knowledge can be a burden and weigh us down at times. A blessing and a curse. We see the darkness of the world and it sometimes feels that there appears to be no end to it.

In times when the shadows threaten to overtake your heart, it is important to call to mind the wise words of C.S. Lewis. Speaking on the necessity of terrifying villains and remarkable heroes in stories, Lewis remarked “Since it is so likely that they [children] will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage”. In this passage, Lewis reminds us that children will encounter evil in this world and it is essential that they hear stories of champions of good, in order to remind them that evil does not reign unchecked.

This quote urges us to tell tales of heroism to our children in order to prepare them, but we need also to tell these tales to each other. As adults, we are way past preparation: we have been exposed great deal to moral and natural evil already. However, it is never too late to remind each other of the light and good present in this world as well.

So please, tell stories to others. Tell stories of love. Tell stories of sacrifice. Tell stories of humor. Tell stories of hope.

Tell stories of “heroic courage”.

- Christian Spesia

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